Government backed ‘Clean Energy Cashback Scheme’

The Government have introduced a powerful ‘Go Green’ incentive with the ‘Clean Energy, Cashback Scheme’ to encourage homeowners to generate their own electricity instead of using standard central heating

By installing a Solar PV system, the government, with the energy provides, guarantee you an income for the next 25 years in 3 simple steps.

The ‘Government Clean Energy, Cashback Scheme’ known as The Feed-in Tariff will pay you 43.3p for every hW you generate.

Current high rate Feed-in Tariff reduces Feb 2012 so act now to get the maximum return for the next 25 years. e.g a 3.92 kWp system will generate an average annual cash back payment of £3,021 for 25 years index linked.

By not using a conventional central heating system, over a 25 year period you will receive at least £75,547 .

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