Energy Efficient Finance

UK businesses can become greener without having to pay a penny, with an incredible offer at Blazes Renewables. Not only are there no up front payments for low carbon and renewable technology installations, but in addition, all repayments are covered by the new ‘Energy Efficiency Finance scheme’.

Any business or organisation is eligible – from sole traders, partnerships and limited companies to churches, schools and charities.

Blazes Renewables are able to prepare the Energy Efficient Finance proposal and liase with Siemens Finance to register with the Carbon Trust Scheme

An assessor from the Carbon Trust ratifies all projections and Returns on Investments.

The offer is only available to non-domestic customers and has no upper limit. Hundreds of millions of tonnes of carbon emission reduction has been delivered by the Siemens/Carbon Trust Energy Efficient Finance Scheme.

The initiative is part of government plans on for the move away from a dependence on fossil fuels, to shift its oil dependency to greener technologies to ensure a more stable, efficient low carbon economy.

For example

The cost of converting an office block lighting to LED was £32,922.00. The entire amount was provided by the Carbon Trust and the client repaid this amount by making 36 monthly payments of £1,047.58. The monthly savings in electricity costs once the conversion to LED had taken place was £1,879.92 meaning that the client benefited from a positive monthly cash flow of £832.34. The payback period on this investment was just 18 months and once this point was reached the client went on to benefit by £1,879.92 each month for a further 15 years, the lifetime of the LED products in this application. The total amount of positive cash flow resulting from this investment was over £300,000.

Visit The Carbon Trust Site for more information