The retail industry relies heavily upon lighting to show off its goods to best effect. This can be of equal importance than simply the savings provided by LED lights which are taken for granted. LED lighting has a much higher Colour Render Index than traditional lighting.  This means that the colour of the goods you see inside the store will be the same colour seen in daylight. Customers no longer have to take goods to the store window to check the colour.  Unlike traditional lighting LED lamps generate very little heat and within a retail environment significant further savings can be made from reduced air conditioning costs.

Distribution Warehouse

A UK Supermarket regional warehouse operating around the clock was illuminated by 120 High Bay 400 Watt Sodium Lamps. The supermarket pays 8.8 p per kWh (unit) of electricity. The ...

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"For each project they have prepared detailed proposals demonstrating cost savings, carbon savings and early Returns on our Investment."

Scott Bryce, Operations Manager, Burnley Leisure