Central heating systems - Blazes Warmth Guaranteed!

For more than 25 years, Blazes has been keeping British homes nice and warm thanks to a wide range of boilers, controls and radiators.

If your old boiler has had its day, don’t worry - you have come to the right place to find an energy efficient replacement.

Blazes delivers a lower price and a more efficient service than any other central heating company - for a warmer home with smaller bills. Why Choose Blazes

Blazes has a wealth of experience in central heating installations.

The superb range of nationally accredited efficient and reliable boilers and radiators not only provide warmth but work to reduce Britain’s carbon footprint.

Whether you need a new gas boiler, or a completely new central heating system with radiators, Blazes will provide a quality service at an affordable price.

Blazes central heating systems offer guaranteed warmth.

With savings on your bills, added value to your home, a professional installation and a comprehensive 5 or 7 year warranty to give you peace of mind, you'll be glad you chose Blazes.

  • free no obligation central heating home survey
  • Minimum fuss, high quality installations by friendly ‘Gas Safe’ registered engineers
  • Comprehensive warranties - exclusive to Blazes
  • Affordable low cost finance packages
  • Huge savings on energy bills
  • Central heating and a huge range of fireplaces
  • Nationally accredited central heating boilers
  • Boilers among the most efficient and eco-friendly available
  • No pressure sales
  • Experts offer help and advice every step of the way throughout the central heating installation process
  • Exemplary aftercare service
  • A professional central heating engineer discusses the details of the central heating installation with you
  • If the existing boiler is being replaced, a chemical cleaner is added to the system and flushed out
  • The existing boiler and all tanks and cylinders are disconnected and removed
  • New boiler is fitted in the chosen location and reconnected to all supply services
  • If a complete central heating system is being installed, radiators, complete with new valves, are fitted in the agreed locations and are connected to the central heating boiler using a combination of 15mm and 22mm copper pipe
  • Where appropriate a new gas supply is extended from the gas meter
  • If new valves are being fitted, this will be done while the system is being drained
  • The central heating system is refilled
  • An inhibitor agent is added to the circuit to prevent a build up contamination and debris
  • The central heating boiler is commissioned to ensure correct operation
  • The radiators are checked for performance and leaks on the pipe joints and valves
  • Where necessary the system is ‘balanced’ ensuring an even performance across the central heating system
  • A wireless radio frequency room thermostat or programmer is connected to the system and sited at the client's preferred location
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